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Proteus wide

Edwards Proteus

Proteus is a low power consumption, user-friendly and cost effective solution to reducing the carbon footprint of semiconductor manufacturing.

  • Low power, high efficiency Plasma technology
  • Plasma Power Modulation
  • Low NOx emissions
  • Long MTBS
  • Uptime protection with Proteus Dual

  1. A unique, low power Plasma Technology that achieves high destruction rate efficiency (DRE) of PFC gases such as CF4 and other global warming gases such as SF6, NF3 and N2O. This makes Proteus one of the most cost-effective solutions for the abatement of global warming gases from semiconductor manufacturing processes.
  2. Proteus Plasma's operating power is fully adjustable in function of the incoming gas load, allowing users to minimize power consumption yet maintaining optimum treatment efficiency. Interfacing with the process tool and automatic Plasma Power Modulation offers further opportunities for reducing operation cost whilst maintaining the highest environmental performance.
  3. PFC gas abatement requires high temperatures that promote the formation of NOx gases. Proteus Plasma technology was developed to minimize “thermal NOx” emissions and is now standing as one of the leading “low NOx” PFC abatement system.
  4. The destruction of PFC molecules tends to increase the acid loading through the creation of toxic and corrosive water soluble compounds. Proteus Plasma torch and wet scrubbing stages have been specifically designed to minimise component corrosion. Combined with an excellent powder handling capability, Proteus is able to achieve long MTBS whilst maintaining a safe working environment in the Fab.
  5. Proteus Dual offers a fully integrated “backup” solution to help secure abatement availability without the need for complicated piping and interfacing. Proteus Dual is a cost effective, easy to install solution. It helps maintain process uptime, reduce footprint and installation costs, whilst enhancing the safety of the sub-fab.

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