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Minimising downtime, maximising convenience

Rapid pump replacement

Service Exchange is a premium service offering, generally carrying a longer and more extensive warranty than repaired products.

Every pump is expertly prepared and ready for installation, allowing you to swap one pump for another in a single step. Once your exchange pump is installed, you then have several days to return your original pump to us.

A wide range of pumps available

We maintain a comprehensive inventory of service exchange products. Every pump has been tested and is ready for immediate installation. The product is typically dispatched within 24 - 48hrs.

Service exchange - scope of work
Edwards will ship a completely rebulit and tested unit, for immediate swap-out, on a like-for-like basis.
Customers are required to return their used products to Edwards immediately upon removing it from service. Failure to do so in an appropriate time will result in the customer being charged the price of a new product instead of the exchange product.
Standard configuration excahnge units are stocked at our service locations and at other strategic sites byt special arrangement.
Subject to the time required for custom configuration, these products are usually available for dispatch within 24-48 hours of the accpetance of a customer purchase order.