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Our range of service solutions strive to solve the challenges and risks posed by semiconductor manufacturing processes. Accelerating your wafer output, yield and uptime at each stage of the Fab lifecycle is at the heart of our mission. We measure our success when we advance in your productivity goals.

Service Solutions to boost productivity

Onsite Service

Our onsite engineers can support you with all activities needed on the machines in your vacuum and abatement system to make your operation seamless, and avoid tool downtime and wafer loss, enabling your Fab to reach the highest level of productivity. This includes regular maintenance, troubleshooting, to more complex or emergency repairs. 


Edwards has developed a range of upgrades to improve your machine performance and, increase the equipment lifetime, and boost the productivity of your operation. 

Smart manufacturing solutions

Edwards has developed analytical algorithms according to customers’ specific requirements, which are used with our advanced domain expertise to give guidance, enabling the Clean Room and SubFab teams to align maintenance activity to keep Fab productivity optimised.

Service Plans

Our service plan packages are designed to accommodate the different needs of our customers, from a basic plan to a total risk management solution, to reduce the risk related to unexpected events that can impact your productivity.

Total Risk Management solutions

Our Risk Management solution packages are designed to reduce the risk and uncertainty associated with unplanned vacuum and abatement downtimes. This advanced service solution is tailored to your needs through the application of Smart Manufacturing Technology and Predictive Maintenance. 


Use this online calculator to reveal your value estimation

Input the number of vacuum and equipment unplanned events (crashes) per year into this online value calculator to see how much additional value you can reclaim from improved chamber availability, reduced scrap value, and maintenance costs. 

  • Get an immediate estimate by inputting the typical down events causing wafer scraps

  • Reveal the additional throughput potential

  • Download and share this value estimation with your team

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