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Vacuum components and hardware

When you buy vacuum pump components from Edwards, you can expect the quality and service that only a leading international supplier can provide. 

We understand that flanges and fittings are critical to the performance of your vacuum system, and supply only high quality products which meet the highest specification. 

NW flange assembly

NW fittings, otherwise known as ISO-KF, are the industry standard for many applications in the low to high vacuum range.

They are ideal for achieving dependable cost effective performance down to 10-7 mbar across a range of applications for the light to harsh duty.

A simple fastening method means that systems can be easily assembled and a leak tight vacuum seal is quickly achieved.

  • Manufactured to ISO 2861 and SIN 28403 standards;
  • Nominal diameters 10 mm to 50 mm;
  • Use with either elastomer or formed aluminium seals
  • Choice of clamp type depending on the application, access, convenience and cost
  • For use in high-vacuum applications; pressure >10-7 mbar
    Convenience of supply

    Single source supplier, able to provide the complete system solution either online or via local supply centers.

    High quality and reliability

    Precision material control ensures a dependable vacuum performance on sensitive or demanding applications

    Comprehensive choice

    Complete range for all common flange sizes in aluminum and stainless steel

    Vacuum Measurement and Control Brochure


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    Vacuum Equipment for Analytical Applications Brochure


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    BGV Stainless Steel Gate Valve - Manual or Pneumatic - Datasheet


    666.6 kB

    BGV Stainless Steel Gate Valve with LOTO Safety Feature - Datasheet


    1 MB


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    LCPVEK Solenoid Operated Isolation Valves 24V - Datasheet


    586 kB

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