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Dry claw vacuum pumps nEDC 65-150 from EDWARDS VACUUM

GLOBAL | July 2024 | 3 min

Low maintenance, reliable, powerful


Adding to the nEDC 300 pumps from Edwards Vacuum are the nEDC 65-150 models that completes its range of robust dry claw vacuum pumps for the lower pumping speed classes.

With features such as robustness, efficiency and easy handling of contaminants, the smaller pumps are also ideal for applications in the areas of water and wastewater, thermoforming, vacuum conveying, food processing and medical technology. Similar to the nEDC 300, the smaller sizes also offer an uncomplicated, cost-effective solution to fulfill the important requirements in the applications.

Designed for reliability and efficiency

The bottom line is that this latest generation of claw pumps is designed for reliable and efficient operation. The developers have achieved these features thanks to the oil-free pump chamber and the low-wear, corrosion-free internal components, among other things. The vacuum pump also impresses with its effective air cooling and its compact housing, which enables installation even in tight spaces.

Megha Ajmal , Product Manager at EDWARDS VACUUM

Low downtimes

The modular design of the EDWARDS dry claw pump offers further benefits for the nEDC 65-150 models. For example, the inside of the pump is easily accessible to users for maintenance and repairs because the developers have separated the gear and pump chambers. This means that the claw pump can be easily cleaned by users themselves and then quickly put back into operation. Furthermore, no special tools are required for the simple operations. This results in low downtimes and an almost uninterrupted production process.

Sustainable, profitable operation

The pump characteristics of the claw pump enable sustainable, profitable operation with low total operating costs. These pumps achieve higher process outputs as their motors are VSD compatible. In applications where contamination by particles or process gases occurs, the vacuum pump is also resilient and insensitive. Our engineers have achieved this not least through the use of innovative construction and coating materials as well as stainless steel claws. 

Moderate temperature profile, longer service life

Another distinguishing feature of the nEDC models is their moderate temperature profile. The temperatures inside the pump are comparatively low. This extends the service life of the seals and prevents oil leaks. Furthermore, this results in long-term operation without the need for constant cleaning of the pump chamber. An additional advantage for users of the robust dry claw vacuum pumps: the integrated base silencer means that they take up less space and operate much more quietly.

nEDC 65-150 by EDWARDS VACUUM – The latest generation dry claw vacuum pump

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