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Product safety at Edwards

We have robust systems in place to support this and ensure our products comply with all relevant product safety and environmental legislation.

Product review process

For all new and modified designs, standard or non-standard, worldwide

  • Ongoing commitment to develop environmentally friendly resource efficient designs
  • Identification and tracking of relevant legislation and industry standards requirements for intended markets and sales territories from initial design review
  • Multi-stage peer reviewed development process
  • Dedicated product safety and compliance reviews, including environmental impact, through the product lifecycle
  • Development of clear and detailed information for customers on any safety requirements for the product throughout its lifecycle

Regulatory Compliance

Legislation and standards may include any of the following as applicable:

  • CE Marking
  • ATEX
  • RoHS, eg: EU, China
  • Third party product certification: UL, CSA, ETL, EAC
  • Industry specific: SEMI S2

Certified Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing sites certified via common global management systems to ensure consistently high build standards and ongoing product compliance:

  • ISO 9001, including ATEX specific requirements (EN 80079-34) where appropriate
  • ISO 14000
  • OHSAS 18001

P40040100 System Safety manual

Find expert tips and advice on keeping your vacuum system safe throughout its lifecycle from design to decommissioning. The manual covers chemical hazards, physical hazards, hazard analysis, system design, equipment choice, and how to provide operating procedures and training.

Find P40040100 the system safety manual in your language

Rigorous Incident Investigation Procedures

Product safety incidents are given high priority and are investigated promptly in line with our global investigation procedure, with lessons disseminated throughout the company.

EM Pump
E2M Series Pump Motor Capacitors

Important information on a safety improvement to Edwards E2M0.7, E2M1 and E2M1.5 rotary vane vacuum pumps. View Safety Notice


iXH Dry Pump

Pump Controller Opto Isolators
Important information on a safety improvement to Edwards iXH, iXM, iXL900, GXS, CXS pumps. View Safety Notice

Turbo pump

STP Turbo Molecular Pump Maintenance
Important information on periodic maintenance of Edwards STP turbo molecular pumps. View Safety Notice

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