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Edwards EDO 100 image

Designed for lower ultimate vacuum and improved roughing performance

Protection for your process

Your process is protected due to the inlet non-return that prevents back-contamination. The integrated air filter offers protection from dust and solid particle ingress. 

Optimised design leading to an extended lifespan

The EDO dry scroll vacuum pump is made of high-quality precision engineered parts. Our patented anti-rotation mechanism reduces stress at critical points supporting long running lifetime.

Simple and environmentally friendly

With the sustainable and environmentally friendly design of scroll vacuum pump, there is no need to worry about oil disposal. You do not need an additional oil filter and oil mist filter.

Easy to maintain and service

The internals of the EDO are easy to clean and easy to service. The removable front cover gives you access to the scroll and inlet filter in less than a minute.

Vacuum generation across the rough vacuum range

The EDO pump is ideal in demanding rough and fine vacuum applications - especially when higher pressures are required. It achieves a higher pumping speed and thus a higher throughput in all applications.

Wide range of maintenance and service packages

To ensure that the vacuum pump maintains its performance over time, we offer a wide range of tailored service solutions for all applications. Please contact your local Edwards representative to know more.

The EDO pump is suitable for all rough and medium vacuum applications including:

  • Pick and place
  • PCB manufacturing
  • Optical fibre
  • Rubber vulcanisation
  • Forming and shaping
  • Holding and lifting
  • Electronics testing
  • Inhalers testing
  • Vacuum degassing
           Max pumping speed          Ultimate vacuum level      Nominal motor power       Inlet/Outlet       Length       Width      Height
  m³/h / ACFM  mbar / torr  kW / hp  Inch mm mm mm
EDO65 65 m³/h @ 50Hz ≤ 1.5mbar / 1.13 torr  1.5 kW / 2 HP  NW 40 446 447 435
80 m³/h @ 60Hz
EDO100 100 m³/h @ 50Hz ≤ 1.5mbar / 1.13 torr  2.2 kW @ 50Hz  NW 40 446 447 435
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