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mXDS3 and mXDS3s: a small dry alternative to traditional oil sealed rotary vane pumps of a similar capacity for those who wish to transition from wet to dry.


  • Compact and lightweight the mXDS3 weighs in at just under 8kg and occupies minimal footprint saving valuable space in your environment.
  • For flexibility the pump can be mounted horizontally (typically) or vertically.
  • For convenient connection the inlet can be orientated vertically or horizontally or replaced with a push fit alternative available as an accessory.
  • The pump features a handle for moving and positioning the pump.
  • The IEC connector for mains power and local on/off switch enables easy connection and simple control.


  • When looking for excellent dry pumping performance in a compact lightweight package the mXDS3 is sure to deliver.
  • A pumping speed of 3 m3h-1 and good ultimate vacuum 0.1 mbar makes these pumps well suited for backing turbomolecular pumps.
  • They are supplied with a gas ballast facility as standard for water vapour handling.
  • The pump is fitted as standard with the same exhaust valve arrangement as the larger nXDS for system protection.


  • mXDS3 and mXDS3s are clean oil free pumps with no oil to top up, replace or dispose of.
  • They typically have a lower power requirement compared to similar capacity pumps making them a good choice for helping to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • The optimised fan cooling is beneficial in reducing noise for quieter operation and a pleasant working environment.  



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