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Extensive Range of Valves for Vacuum Systems

Whatever the application

Valves for Vacuum Systems

A comprehensive range of valves - Angle, Gate, In-Line and Special

We have the right solution to meet your process requirements. Well known for innovation in pump design, we apply the same energy and commitment to our valves. The result is an extensive range of valves, with a choice of actuation methods, materials, and size. Materials of robust construction have been selected for performance in high vacuum.

Confidence in our valves begins early in the design process. We use techniques such as Finite Element Analysis to optimise the design of the valve. An arduous testing program in our environmental testing laboratory prior to release to production ensures that every valve we supply will meet the needs of your application. 

Once in production, all valves are subject to stringent quality control and are individually tested with a helium mass spectrometer leak detector. Bellows sealed pipeline valves are manufactured with 100% grease free O‑rings exposed to vacuum delivering unrivalled low contamination levels. 

Consider certain operating parameters to select the correct valve for your vacuum system

When you design a vacuum system, your choice of valves will be determined by the need for certain operating parameters. When you choose a valve for your vacuum system, it is essential to consider all nine of the parameters listed in bold and as described below: 


The choice is manual, solenoid or pneumatic, which will be determined by your system design and what facilities are available to the machine.

Dirty System Tolerance

Vacuum valves have a differing ability to remain leak tight in “dirty” vacuum systems. If your system generates or contains dust or other particulates, choose a valve with a high tolerance.


Choose a valve which complements the size of your vacuum pipeline. To maintain high pumping speeds and throughputs, do not reduce the size of your pipeline to accommodate a smaller valve.

Pressure Range

Both the maximum and minimum pressure rating are important, particularly if the vacuum system is occasionally pressurised to above atmospheric pressure.

Port Configuration

Depending on the location of the valve, you may need either an in‑line or a right-angle valve.


The mean time to failure is important for solenoid and pneumatic valves in rapid cycle duties, or where you have extended maintenance intervals.

Position Indication

You may need local or remote indication of valve, position as part of your control system.

Closure Speed

Use either a solenoid valve or pneumatic valve if you must have rapid valve closure.

Corrosion Resistance

Valves are available in stainless steel for those applications that process corrosive gases.

Once you have determined your parameters, you can select the correct valve for your job:

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