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Angle Valves for Vacuum Systems

Angle valves ISO-KF

Angle Valves for Vacuum Systems

Why choose an angle valve?

Angle valve refers to the valve’s configuration, this type of valve typically has an inlet and an outlet that are at a 90-degree angle to each other.

This design allows for easier installation when fitting in tight spaces or locations where a straight- line flow path is not feasible.

Angle valves come in various sizes and designs, including manual, solenoid or pneumatic, which will be determined by your system design and the facilities that are available to the machine.

LCPVEK solenoid operation isolation valves

Aluminium LCPVEK valves are designed for vacuum applications which need a compact, simple, solenoid operation valve to control gas flow. These economical valves are ideal for a number of duties, ranging from simple laboratory pump isolation to OEM vacuum system integration and design.

The valve has two ports with NW flanges at 90 degrees to each other and may be mounted in either direction, making them effective in both vacuum pipelines and in chamber admittance applications.

Careful design of the solenoid power control and vacuum isolation components delivers efficient magnetic actuation with optimum vacuum performance at an affordable price.

  • Economical design
  • Electrical actuation
  • Low power requirements
  • Electronic boost power supply
  • Efficient magnetic design
LCPVEK solenoid operation isolation valves
PVEK solenoid operation right angle isolation valves

PVEK solenoid operation right angle isolation valves

The PVEK series valves are compact, lightweight electromagnetic vacuum valves, suitable for use in vacuum pipeline systems down to 1 x 10‑9 mbar. A double wound coil combined with an electronic switching circuit ensures low energy consumption, low operating temperatures and extended operating life.

Bellows sealed, the PVEK solenoid operated right angle valves are available with either aluminium (A) or stainless steel (S) bodies, with an overall MTTF of up to 500,000 cycles.

  • Transient high power for opening – electronically switched
  • Low energy consumption in the ‘hold open’ position
  • Enclosure rating to IP55
  • Grease free vacuum
  • MTTF up to 500000 cycles

PVMK manual operation right angle isolation valves

The PVMK is a quick acting, bellows sealed, right‑angled lever operated valve and is available with either an aluminium or stainless steel body. The lever, connected to a self lubricating plastic cam‑piston, actuates the valve stem and valve plate through PTFE bearings.

The valve plate O-ring groove is vented to prevent gas bursts. The valves are designed to operate down to 10‑ 9 mbar/ 8 x 10‑10 Torr and up to a pressure of 2100 mbar/1575 Torr (30 psi).

  • Easy to use
  • Bellows sealed mechanism
  • High conductance
PVMK manual operation right angle isolation valves
PVPK pneumatic operation right angle isolation valves

PVPK pneumatic operation right angle isolation valves

The PVPK range of single acting cylinder, spring return pipeline valves is designed for high speed actuation from standard pneumatic lines, and are offered in sizes NW10, NW16, NW25, NW40 and NW50.

They are available with aluminium or stainless steel bodies with either O‑ring (shaft seal Aluminium only) or bellows seal.

The valves are designed for long life duties, with a MTTF of 5,000,000 cycles for both bellows and O-ring sealed versions providing long intervals between services.

  • Improved lifetime, mean‑time‑to‑failure now 5,000,000 cycles
  • Electrical and visual indication of valve status
  • Fast acting – 20 ms to close (PV16)
  • Available in aluminium or stainless steel
  • Choice of bellows or O-ring shaft sealing with aluminium bodies
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