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In-Line Valves for Vacuum Systems

Inlet and outlet aligned


Why choose an in-line valve?

In-line valves have their inlet and outlet aligned along the same axis, which means the flow path remains straight when the valve is in an open position. 

In-line valves come in various sizes and designs, including manual, solenoid or pneumatic, which will be determined by your system design and the facilities that are available to the machine.  

The choice between angle and in-line types of valves depends on the specific requirements of the vacuum system and the available space for installation. 

IBV ISO-KF Ball Valve

Ball valves are popular in applications where fast action and full bore pumping are needed. Our IBV series valves combine these practical everyday features plus ease of use and economy in a high specification design. Manufactured in 316L stainless steel with PTFE seats they deliver robust performance in a wide variety of vacuum duties.

  • Low capital cost
  • Convenient NW16, NW25, NW40, NW50 sizes
  • Optional BSP threaded versions
  • Easy to use manual operation
  • High conductance full bore pumping


SP Speedivalves are diaphragm sealed in‑line, isolation valves. The construction consists essentially of a flexible elastomeric diaphragm which is sealed onto a lightly polished seat by a screw thread mechanism. The mechanism is isolated from the system by the diaphragm resulting in an extremely rugged and ‘dirty’ system tolerant valve.

The valve terminates in NW flanges and can be pipeline supported or panel mounted.

(SP40K is pipeline supported only)

  • Easy to operate with visual indication of valve open (SP10K to SP25K)
  • Leak tight to better than 10‑6 mbar ls‑1 / 8 x 10‑7 Torr ls‑1
  • Diaphragm completely isolates mechanism from vacuum system
  • Extremely rugged and ‘dirty’ system tolerant
  • Will withstand 9 bar overpressure (SP10K to SP40K, with Co‑Seal)

IPVMK manual operation in-line isolation valves

The IPVMK is a quick acting, bellows sealed, right‑angled lever operated valve and is available with either an Aluminium or stainless steel body. The lever, connected to a self lubricating plastic cam‑piston, actuates the valve stem and valve plate through PTFE bearings. The valve plate O‑ring groove is vented to prevent gas bursts. The valves are designed to operate down to 10‑ 9 mbar/ 8 x 10‑10 Torr and up to a pressure of 2100 mbar/1575 Torr (30 psi). 

  • Easy to use
  • Bellows sealed mechanism
  • High conductance

IPVPL pneumatic operation in-line isolation valves

The IPVPK range of in‑line single acting cylinder, spring return pipeline valves are designed for high-speed actuation from standard pneumatic lines, and are offered in sizes NW16, 25, 40 and 50. They are available with aluminium or stainless steel bodies with either O‑ring (shaft seal, aluminium only) or bellows sealed.

The valves are designed for long life duties, with a MTTF of 5,000,000 cycles for both bellows and O-ring sealed versions providing long intervals between services.

  • Electrical and visual indication of valve status
  • Fast acting – 20 ms to close (PV16)
  • Available in aluminium or stainless steel
  • Choice of bellows or O-ring shaft sealing with aluminium bodies

IPVEK solenoid operation in-line isolation valves

The IPVEK series valves are compact, light‑weight electromagnetic vacuum valves suitable for use in vacuum pipeline systems down to 1 x 10‑9 mbar. A double wound coil combined with an electronic switching circuit ensures low energy consumption, low operating temperatures and extended operating life.

Bellows sealed, the IPVEK solenoid operated in‑line valves are available with either aluminium (A) or stainless steel (S) bodies, with an overall MTTF of up to 500,000 cycles.

  • Transient high power for opening – electronically switched
  • Low energy consumption in the ‘hold open’ position
  • Enclosure rating to IP55
  • Grease free vacuum
  • MTTF up to 500000 cycles

SIPVP soft-start isolation valves

Soft‑start, pneumatically operated, in‑line valves with interchangeable orifices for the controlled pump‑down of processes where turbulent flow can cause problems with particulate contamination. Slave and master valve combination allows slow initial pumping to minimise disturbance. Both slave and master valves require separate pneumatic connections.

  • MTTF of 5,000,000 cycles
  • Controlled pump down to match process
  • Aluminium bodies
  • Fast acting valves in the event of power failure
  • Supplied with 5 mm, 6 mm and 7 mm interchangeable orifices

How do SIPVP soft start isolation valves work?

When the slave valve is opened gas flows at a low rate between the two sides of the valve through interchangeable orifices allowing slow pumping. Having reached a predetermined pressure level specified by the user, the master valve is opened by means of a user supplied signal allowing full bore pumping.

The bellows sealed valves are single acting with pneumatic opening and spring closure. They are supplied with three interchangeable orifices to enable pumping characteristics to be matched to your process. A microswitch is supplied as standard to indicate valve status.

Both the valve and the microswitch can be baked to 100 ˚C to speed up degassing, and to prevent process gases from condensing inside the valve.

Suitable applications for SIVP valves

While designed primarily for the semiconductor industry the valve can also be used in other applications requiring controlled pump‑down.

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