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Replacing an old and defective vacuum pumps isn’t as simple as it looks. It requires capital investment for the installation of the new units and resources to relocate the old one. This might be more complicated than expected, which can impact your bottom line. Below we show you a feasible solution for this situation. 

What problems can we face with old and defective vacuum pumps?

Old and defective vacuum pumps are usually looked upon as a liability. Come to think of it, decommissioning of vacuum pumps isn’t as simple as it looks. It demands new capital investment for the installation of the new units and requires planning of the future of the decommissioned units.

This is a relevant concern that catches you off guard and at a time when your focus is on ensuring a quick production turnaround. After all, your operations stand hindered due to the ongoing installation of the new units. All your attention is invested in the successful completion of the installation process. And suddenly you are confronted with the old and defective vacuum pumps.

Disposing of the decommissioned units is a costly affair. Starting from the delivery fee to scrapping and decontamination charges, the cost keeps spiralling. Storing them in your warehouse is also a lossmaking proposition. In fact, the cost of maintaining this dead stock adds to your overhead. Not to mention that if the pumps are contaminated and not maintained in the right manner, there’s a risk of contamination spreading all over the location. Since the dead stock adds no value to your production, storing it is unadvisable.  

How can you avoid this problem?

Since we live in a world of limited resources, scarcity is always around the corner. This calls for sustainable production. The best way to go about it is by recycling and reusing the decommissioned pumps. And it goes a long way in protecting the environment as well. Now is the time to act responsibly and go green. Consider this: If a pump was once cast, machined, and assembled in a certain shape, utilizing certain resources may increase its value, environmentally speaking, than just being another piece of scrap metal. Reusing it as a vacuum pump gives it a new life and helps conserve depleting natural resources. Authorised dealers ensure your old pumps are recycled in an appropriate manner.

To sell your decommissioned pumps, you need clarity about the value of your pumps. Pump value varies depending on the year of manufacturing, the technology used in the pump and the condition of the unit. Further, the condition of the major parts of the pump also plays a role in arriving at its value. Defective major parts like rotors, stators, or motors reduce the value of a pump. However, a pump with intact major parts, can command more value with the right genuine parts and right craftsmanship. From the market valuation perspective, Turbo technology pumps possess a higher market valuation with Dry pumps next in line followed by oil flooded unit and scroll technology.

Take the right decision and sell your old pumps. This way you gain more from your old and defective vacuum pumps. Keep your storage space empty of stock that adds absolutely no value to your business. After all, you deserve to go about your business with complete peace of mind