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How an abatement system upgrade saved ​a leading Semiconductor Manufacturer valuable production time


An upgrade to reduce your operating cost - Edwards Porous Head

Wafer throughput and maintaining production uptime is a key priority for our customers. ​

A chamber going offline and stockers slowing down, leads to a drop in Fab efficiency and wafer throughput.​

However, the problem is not always in the cleanroom, it can be hidden away in the SubFab. ​

Powder build up in the abatement system can be a cause of manufacturing downtime and increased SubFab service stops and associated costs.​

Valuable time for both production and SubFab operations can be lost due to excessive maintenance stops.   With each service interval taking 8 hours and two engineers, this costs valuable production time and maintenance expense.​

Find out how this leading provider of power semiconductors minimised service costs, saved value production time and eliminated the need for an abatement back-up system. ​

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See how an abatement system upgrade saved a leading Semiconductor Manufacturer valuable production time


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