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IDX Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

Fast pumpdown and high capacity pumping for industrial processes

IDX dry screw vacuum pump

Double-ended screw technology for metallurgy, coating and degassing

The Edwards IDX vacuum pump is designed to reduce your energy costs, eliminate effluent and offer significant improvements in product quality, making the range ideal for many degassing, coating and metallurgy processes.

Maximum pumpdown for large chambers

The IDX enables you to reach target pressures quickly with a bigger throughput capacity for higher gas loads at low pressure.

Improved performance and reliability

The IDX has a rugged industrial mechanism for reliable, repeatable performance. A key feature is faster pumpdown from atmosphere to ultimate vacuum, while managing higher throughput at low pressures. Efficiency delivers lower operational costs too.

Environmentally friendly

Designed to help you improve sustainable productivity, the IDX efficiency eliminates effluent, helping to improve your overall environmental impact.

Ease of Maintenance

The IDX is designed for easy access so that you can conduct your own routine maintenance on site, including oil filter change, bearings and seals.

Systemisation customised to meet your needs

The IDX comes equipped with standard accessory modules and is available in a range of standard packages to suit your precise requirements, with mechanical boosters to give capacities up to 30,000 m3/hr. You can also configure the IDX with exhausting booster stages for rapid pump down.

Patented stator machining with integral head plate

  • Improved tolerances give better pumping efficiency 
  • No compression plate provides better dust and liquid handling

Indirect cooling circuit

  • Good thermal control, for improved reliability 
  • Enables use of poor quality cooling water 
  • Ensures even temperature distribution along the pump, eliminating hot and cold spots

  Units IDX1000 IDX1300

50 Hz

kg (lb) 1560 (3439) 1590 (3506)

60 Hz

kg (lb) 1630 (3594) 1660 (3660)
Pumping speed    


m3hr(cfm) 1000 (589) 1300 (766)


m3hr1 (cfm) 900 (560) 1250 (736)
Ultimate pressure mbar (Torr) 5 x10-2 (3.75 x 10--2) <5 x10-2 (3.75 x 10-2)
Noise dB(A) 82 82
Motor kW (hp) 30 (40) Optional - 22 (30) 30 (40)
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