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nEXT 55 and nEXT 85 turbomolecular pumps
Our nEXT turbomolecular pumps are maintenance-friendly and we encourage you to service your own pump.

How to change the cartridge and bearing in nEXT 55 and nEXT 85 turbomolecular pumps?

Built on decades of experience, nEXT turbomolecular pumps offer superior performance, reliability, and end-user serviceability, setting the benchmark for turbomolecular pumps. nEXT pumps are maintenance-friendly and we encourage you to service your own pump. Read or watch the video below to learn how to change the cartridge and replace the bearings in the Edwards nEXT55/85 Any Orientation, Edwards nEXT55 and nEXT 85 turbomolecular pump. We recommend performing maintenance on your nEXT pump every 35,000 hours.

To perform the cartridge change, you will need:

The B8E200845 bearing exchange tooling kit

  • The B8G200811 bearing
  • The oil cartridge original kit
  • A 2.5 mm Allen key
  • A T15 & T10 Torx screwdriver.
  •  A ¼ inch square screwdriver bit
  • Plain Wick Washer (for nEXT 55/85 Any Orientation maintenance)

You will need the B8E200845 nEXT55/85 Bearing exchange tooling kit and B8G200811 nEXT55/85 Bearing & oil cartridge kit to complete the procedure. Read the B8G200840 nEXT55/85 Service Tool Kit instruction manual beforehand.

Service technician working on a vacuum pump

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