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P-102 Cryocooler top banner

High-speed pumping of water vapour guaranteed

These cryogenerators effectively eliminate the cost, inconvenience, and hazards associated with using liquid nitrogen - while delivering comparable performance.

The P-102 Cryocooler provides high-speed pumping of water vapour to the 10-8 Torr range while preventing backstreaming of vacuum-pump fluids. Featuring a patented single compressor refrigeration process that employs auto-refrigerating cycle cooling, this cryogenerator directly cools chevron baffles or probes to as low as -135°C using an HCFC-free refrigerant mixture in a closed loop system.


Key Features

  • Continuous cooling of cryosurfaces
  • Heat removal to 120 Watts
  • Vacuum system cold trap cooling
  • Mass spectrometer leak detector
  • Provides temperatures to -135°C
  • Heat removal to 120 Watts
  • Fast, easy installation and maintenance
  • Rapid return on investment
  • P-102 Cryocoolers are CE marked to low voltage and EMC directives, and are compliant with European Application refrigerants EC/2037/2000, the Montreal Protocol and the US EPA SNAP

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