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Calibration System ECAL1

Calibration System ECAL1

The Edwards calibration system ECAL1 is a fully automatic pumping system based on the Edwards T-station 85H turbomolecular pumping station.

The systems are supplied with a vacuum chamber attached, and are equipped with two reference pressure gauges, shown here with Barocel 7025 capacitance manometer gauges from the Edwards Barocel 7000 series.

The calibration system has been designed for use in a wide range of applications where accuracy and repeatability of vacuum measurement is an important aspect of the quality process, and to safeguard the process stability and product quality.

Calibration system  ECAL1 provides output comparison between reference gauges and test gauges for a pressure measurement range from 1000 to 10-4 mbar. The user must define the acceptable tolerance between reference gauges and the test gauges, whilst taking into consideration the uncertainty of different calibration process conditions. Note that no adjustments are to be performed on the test gauges during the calibration procedure.

The reference pressure gauges are connected and controlled via a TIC instrument controller. The TIC instrument controller is equipped with an intuitive easy-to-use graphical interface via a touch sensitive panel. The results can be observed on the TIC controller or connected via RS232/485 for control and data monitoring on a remote PC.

Click below and download the latest product support and software for your TIC controller.

Calibration System ECAL1

Why choose the ECAL1?

  • Easy to use
  • Tabletop configuration
  • Pressure Measurement
  • Quick assurance of accuracy of test gauges
  • TIC instrument controller
  • Plug and Pump

Calibration certificates

Reference gauges come with a factory calibration certificate to the UK national standard. It is recommended that reference gauges are re-calibrated annually. 

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