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Edwards confirms expansion into cryogenic business

The acquisition includes cryo pump operations located in Chelmsford, USA and Monterrey, Mexico, a worldwide sales and service network, and Brooks Automation’s 50% share of Ulvac Cryogenics, Inc., (UCI). The cryogenic business, which is headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, has about 400 employees and is a market leader in advanced cryo pumps and cryo chillers for the semiconductor and related industries through its CTI-Cryogenics and Polycold product lines. The acquired business will significantly expand Edwards’ offering to customers in the semiconductor and general vacuum industries. The acquisition complements Edwards’ existing technology portfolio with a new range of high vacuum pumps that optimise the removal of water vapour and hydrogen, which is critical to many semiconductor and industrial processes. For more information:

CTI Cryogenics

CTI cryopump