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lithium ion battery

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Reliable vacuum at every stage of the manufacturing process

Vacuum technology is applied to the initial chemical and slurry mixing stage to prevent gas bubbles from getting into the paste. Vacuum is next used in the drying stage to remove moisture from the process under extremely harsh conditions. Finally, the actual sealing of the battery pouch is done under vacuum. While high-quality production standards are a must in all Li-ion manufacturing, it takes on an added significance in the manufacture of Li cells for automobiles. When issues such as safety, battery capacity and weight are vital, a highly reliable vacuum pump or vacuum system is a must have. We have a range of pumps suitable for all your battery manufacturing needs, including oil-sealed rotary vane and dry pumps. For safe operations and when protection in explosive environments is required, you can also specify ATEX-certified pump versions. All our pumps and systems are supported by a global service and support network. If you are unsure of the right pump for your intended process, please contact your local Edwards office. Our application experts will be happy to help you choose the right Li-ion vacuum solution for your particular need.

Watch this video for our advanced dry vacuum solutions for Li-ion battery manufacturing

<center>Watch this video for our advanced dry vacuum solutions for Li-ion battery manufacturing</centre>/

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