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Health Check PRO service

Vibration measurement

But why we need Health Check PRO?

Health Check PRO is a new service to help you avoid the expense and inconvenience of unplanned failures. It will help you to understand the condition of your equipment and focus on potential issues before they occur, in the most cost effective way. 

The service report will enable you to compare results between visits and build an accurate picture of how your vacuum pump is performing.

What are the benefits?

  • To Assure your critical production processes, a regular Health Check PRO report can helps you identify failures before losing vacuum pump performance.

  • To Prevent downtime from stressed pumps running in harsh conditions. Routine measurements detect early deterioration.

  • To Determine service intervals specific to your pump conditions. Vibration measurement analyses will show the current condition of your pump and establish when an intervention is necessary. 

  • To Tailor and schedule services exactly to a  pumps' need. Health Check PRO , can provide vital information on a pumps condition especially after periods low activity.

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