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Edwards' Polycold cryochillers range

Polycold Cryochillers

Cryogenic refrigeration systems that improve both the time and quality of vacuum creation

Cryochillers and Cryocoolers

Polycold cryochillers are closed loop cryogenic refrigeration systems that provide up to 4,000 watts of cooling. They can be used to capture water vapour and other condensable substances within a vacuum process to significantly improve both the time and quality of vacuum creation. Polycold products can also be used in direct cooling applications like cooling electrostatic chucks used in semiconductor production or cooling various sensor technologies for improved signal capture.


Key Features

  • Models provide between 100 - 4000 watts cooling 
  • Temperatures ranges of -203 to -98°C possible 
  • Rated for Continuous Cooling 
  • Available CE, SEMI F47 & SEMI S2 compliance
  • Refrigerant gases are US EPA-SNAP approved, CFC-Free, HCFC-Free, and meet European Union laws
  • Reliable performance 
  • Long life, with low to no maintenance

Cryochillers and Cryocoolers