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A safe and reliable vacuum performance is central to uninterrupted production. It takes a good vacuum oil to deliver consistent performance that conforms to pre-set standards. But a good vacuum oil delivers more than just performance. It brings along a whole host of benefits that add further value to production. 

How does oil influence the lengthening of service intervals?

The first and the foremost benefit is the lengthening of service intervals. This means the oil is changed less frequently. Extended oil lifetime translates into savings. A good vacuum oil provides for steady operations and viscosity performance. As a result, there’s a sizeable reduction in the wear of close contacting parts. Lesser wear of pump components is a given with a good vacuum oil. 

How does my oil choice impact operational cost and the environment?

Another feature of a good vacuum oil is its stability – in terms of its behavior and operation. Consequently, energy efficiency walks hand in hand with a good vacuum oil. Saving on energy bills, a good vacuum oil goes a long way in the cause of environmental protection.  Since a good vacuum oil is made of non-hazardous ingredients, it negates the need for complex documentation. It also saves the time spent on conducting potentially dangerous checks and reviews. What’s more, a good vacuum oil takes the strict disposal requirements out of the picture.

Top pump performance continues to remain a function of a good vacuum oil. It’s worth noting that a good vacuum oil significantly reduces the total cost of ownership.