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Vacuum Leak Detector Solutions: ELD500 & GasCheck G4

Within our portfolio of leak detectors, the ELD500 and GasCheck G4 represent precision and reliability, addressing the critical aspect of identifying and managing leaks in technical systems.

Understanding Leak rate

A leak, characterized as a small aperture in technical systems, permits the undesirable entry or exit of gases. The leak rate quantifies the amount of gas passing through a leak per unit of time, relative to a specified pressure difference, indicating the size of the leak.

Achieving Optimal Pressure Levels

Absolute vacuum-tightness isn't always mandatory. What truly matters is a sufficiently low leak rate to preserve required operating pressures, gas equilibrium, and ultimate vacuum levels within the container.

As the necessary pressure level decreases, the demands for gas-tightness in an apparatus become more stringent.

Helium leak detector: ELD500 - Precision and Performance

The ELD500, an advanced Helium Leak Detector, offers efficient and dependable performance without compromise. Key highlights include:

  • Versatile Operation: Seamlessly switch between vacuum and sniffer modes for precise measurement and identification of leak location.
  • Variants & Accessories: Choose from three variants - ELD500, ELD500 FLEX, and ELD500 DRY, complemented by a wide array of accessories for diverse applications.
  • Trolley Version: Experience enhanced flexibility with the trolley edition, offering secure mounting options for various components and ample storage space.

GasCheck G4 - Enhanced Sensitivity and Reliability

The GasCheck G4, an innovative portable Gas Leak Detector, has improved features for heightened sensitivity and reliability, including:

  • Advanced Sensor Technology: Enhanced Micro Thermal Conductivity sensor and a piezo disc pump ensure superior gas detection and increased reliability.
  • Intuitive Display & Data Logging: A large LCD color display showcases leak rates in various units while enabling extensive data logging over extended periods for efficient monitoring.
  • Robust Design: Ergonomically designed for one-handed operation, IP44 protection, and a rechargeable Li-ion battery for extended usage.
GasCheck G4

Industrial applications of leak detectors

Both detectors find application across numerous industries:

Ideal for precise leak detection in refrigeration, automotive, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries.

Perfect for identifying leaks in installations, welds, joints, refrigeration plants, mass spectrometry, and more.

Our ELD500 and GasCheck G4 represent the essence of leak detection technology, delivering accuracy, reliability, and efficiency across a spectrum of industries. These solutions safeguard your processes.

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