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Display Fabrication

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The demand for super high resolution, ultrathin, larger, stretchable display screens drives the need for more complex composite structures and fabrication processes in display manufacturing. Edwards provides tailored Display vacuum and abatement solutions for each specified individual process differently such as CVD, ETCH, PVD, Ion implanter, Evaporation, Encapsulation, Load Lock and so on. Using our extensive product range of dry pumps and turbomolecular pumps and abatements, we create optimized solutions to maximize your substrate throughput while minimising power, footprint and weight capable of supporting huge size of processing chambers and delivering high gas-flow rates. We can support you to reliably pump toxic, pyrophoric and corrosive gases and handle solid process by-products safely and efficiently from our in-depth and wide experiences from various applications at top level Display Fab. lines around the world for dozens of years - which is highly differentiated points from any others in the market. As a total solution provider of sub-fab and chambers in Display Fabrication line, we’re here to help you create safe, environmentally attuned and optimised solutions also with the complete understanding of importance of total cost of ownership for you.

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