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Edwards expands its range of nEXT turbomolecular pumps with its most compact model along with its most powerful model to date.


Edwards nEXT1230 turbomolecular pump

BURGESS HILL, WEST SUSSEX, UK (May 17, 2021) Edwards launch two new variants to the nEXT turbomolecular pump range with the introduction of the Edwards nEXT55 and nEXT1230 these two models extend the nEXT capability to pumping speeds from 55 up to 1250 ls-1 for Nitrogen.

The new nEXT55 is designed for scientific OEM customers and system builders who are already benefitting from the range of bespoke and tailored nEXT solutions, we can now offer our most compact pump based on the established and class leading nEXT85 platform.  With 55 ls-1 pumping speed this is Edwards most compact pump.  With the new nEXT1230 Edwards have increased customers choice of nEXT solutions where high pumping speeds are needed - in applications like Coating, Heat treatment, Vacuum Furnace, Ebeam welding, Degassing and Cylinder evacuation. Like the nEXT730 and nEXT930 launched early 2020 the nEXT1230 pumps with their integrated controllers are compact and they can be mounted in any orientation.  With an IP54 classification as standard, they are well suited for Industrial as well as R&D applications.

All Edwards nEXT turbomolecular pumps are fully compatible with TIC and TAG controllers. They feature the same interface for control and monitoring, and they are fully compatible with Edwards Support PC software for monitoring, configuration and control options, making systemisation into any new or existing vacuum system easy.   

Since their introduction Edwards has now produced 100,000 nEXT Turbomolecular Pumps.  Edwards vast experience and proven technologies guarantee high reliability, extended operation and long maintenance intervals. 


“We are extending the range of nEXT pumps with our new nEXT55 and nEXT1230. The new nEXT55 sets a benchmark in performance within a compact footprint ideal for small installations or in the point of use market.  
On the other end of the range, we launch our largest ever mechanical turbomolecular pump for Edwards, the nEXT1230 with 1250 liters per second pumping speed for Nitrogen”.
Commented Cormac Kerins, Global Product Manager, Scientific Vacuum, Edwards. 

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