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Edwards launches small dry scroll pump, offering vacuum users more choice when selecting a dry pump for their applications

GLOBAL | 5 June 2023 | 3 min

Edwards extends its range of dry scroll pumps with a compact lightweight pump with excellent dry pumping performance.

BURGESS HILL, WEST SUSSEX, UK: Edwards launch a compact and lightweight dry scroll pump.

The new mXDS3 with a pumping speed 3 m3h-1 builds on the established Edwards nXDS scroll pump experience and extends the current small dry pump range from 3 up to 120m3h-1.

The mXDS3 offers a dry alternative to traditional oil sealed rotary vane pumps. With no oil to check, replace or dispose of these scroll pumps offer an environmentally friendly option; typically, with lower power requirements compared to similar capacity pumps.

mXDS3 also has a good ultimate vacuum performance of 0.1 mbar making these pumps well suited for backing turbomolecular pumps. mXDS3 is offered as standard or as a configured version mXDS3s which includes an inlet valve built into the pump. This offers OEM and system builder further choice.

I am delighted to introduce this new small dry pump which is a great addition to our scroll pump portfolio. This gives us the opportunity to provide our customers more choice and fills a gap in the diverse range of products we offer.

David Goodwin , Senior Product Manager

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