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Benefits to retrofitting your existing T-Station with the Edwards mXDS3 Dry Scroll

By retrofitting your T-Station 85 or 300 with an mXDS3 Dry Scroll Pump, customers can enjoy a more efficient, reliable, and user-friendly vacuum system that not only meets but exceeds the performance of conventional vacuum pumps, making it a wise investment for anyone prioritizing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Key Benefits To Retrofitting Your T-Station With An mXDS3 Scroll Pump

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The mXDS3 pumps improve overall system efficiency, crucial for both energy savings and performance enhancement.
  • Greater Pumping Speeds: With pumping speeds of 3 m³/h, the mXDS3 offers a significant upgrade over diaphragm and small rotary vane pumps, ensuring faster pump-down times and improved productivity.
  • Compact and Lightweight Design: The new pumps have a smaller footprint and are lighter, making them easy to integrate into existing systems without the need forextensive modifications.
  • Superior Ultimate Pressure: Achieving a better ultimate pressure of 0.1 mbar, the mXDS3 scroll pumps ensure a higher vacuum level, which is critical for many research and development applications.
  • Reduction in Pump-Down Time: With the mXDS3, the pump-down time is significantly reduced, which means quicker transitions to operational readiness.
  • Power Failure Protection: The fully configured mXDS3s variant supplied with factory fitted delay opening inlet valve provides added security against power failures, preserving system integrity and vacuum conditions.
  • More Compact with Exhaust Filter: Its integrated exhaust filter design adds to the compactness of the pump, making it a space-saving solution.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs: With less frequent maintenance required and reduced operational costs, the mXDS3 is a cost-effective option over the long term.
  • User-Friendly Maintenance: The easy-to-replace tip seals only need servicing every two years, and the pump is designed for end-user serviceability, which minimizes downtime and technical support dependence.

Retrofit Step-By-Step Guide

EDW_Retrofit Guide Steps 1 and 2


Step 1: Disconnect old roughing pump from system by releasing clamps on flex hose and turbopump elbow. Discard old hose and O-rings, but keep existing elbow and clamps.

Step 2: Next, unfasten bolts from baseplate connecting old pump and replace with new mXDS3. Bolt holes will line up allowing for easy fastening of new pump to baseplate.

EDW_Retrofit Guide Steps 3 and 4


Step 3: Use two new O-rings for clamps that were connected to both ends of existing turbopump elbow on your system using P/N B27158427 and reuse old clamps.

Step 4: Replace old flex hose with new longer hose, P/N C10512286, and fasten to old elbow on turbopump using old clamps and new O-rings.

EDW_Retrofit Guide Steps 4 and 5


Step 5: Connect new elbow (P/N C10512410) and new hose to mXDS3 using one old clamp and the one new clamp (P/N C10512501) as well as new O-rings.


Retrofit Parts Kit Includes:
P/N Qty Description
C10512410 1 NW16 Elbow Aluminum
C10512286 1 NW16 Flexible Pipeline 500mm S/S
C10512501 1 NW10/16 ST.ST Clamping ring - Cu Free
B27158427 4 NW10/16 COSEAL FKM GP POL PK1

Retrofit Kit coming soon!




Retrofitting Competitor Pumping Stations

Retrofitting competitor pump stations with Edwards mXDS3 scroll pumps is possible, but is dependant on exact model. We recommend you reach out to our factory to discuss any kind of competitor pumping station retrofit questions.