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    Starting with the basics, explore the wide range of topics our team dives into in each epsiode of The Laboratory Podcast

    Episode 1: Intro to The Laboratory Talk Podcast

    Join Edwards experts Dan Rutherford, David Steele and Todd TeVogt, as we kick off our new podcast with an introduction into the world of vacuum.


    Episode 2: Back To Vacuum Basics

    Learn about what vacuum really is, how it's measured and how it can be displayed in different ways. 


    Episode 3: Direct Reading Gauges

    Why do we use vacuum gauging? What is it good for? Monitoring your system is invaluable to consider how your system should be behaving. 


    Episode 4: Indirect Reading Gauges

    Your friends Dave, Dan and Todd are back to discuss indirect reading gauges. What are those? Well, things like Pirani gauges use a characteristic of indirect behavior related to pressure within the vacuum environment. But the team can expound upon that more. 


    Episode 5: Primary Vacuum Pumps

    In this episode, Dave and Dan define what a primary vacuum pump actually is. While it seems simple there's much more to it in their conversation. 


    Episode 6: Secondary Vacuum Pumps

    Following up on the Primary Vacuum Pumps podcast, Dan and Dave cover secondary pumps and how they factor into your system. 


    Episode 7: Gas Ballast

    Edwards Expert Dan Rutherford explains the origins of gas ballasting, why it's important to your application and the particulars of the process. 


    Episode 8: Intro To Capture Pumps

    In this episode of the Edwards Laboratory Talk Podcast, Todd is joined by Dr. Stefan Lausberg, Product Manager for Gamma Vacuum, to discuss capture pump technology. 


    Episode 9: Scroll Pumps

    Join the two Daves - David Steele and David Goodwin, discussing the technology and history of the dry scroll pump at Edwards. With our new mXDS currently available, it's a full backstory on why dry scroll pumps were created and how they help in many industries.