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mXDS 3 vacuum pump with a industrial background
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    • How to replace a tip seal on a Edwards Dry Scroll mXDS3 vacuum pump

    Dry Scroll vacuum pump tip seal replacement

    Regular maintenance is key to keeping your vacuum pump performing well. Edwards vacuum pumps are designed for easy service. On this page, we will guide you through how to replace the tip seal on your Edwards Mini Scroll mXDS3 dry vacuum pump. We will go over the disassembly, removal, replacement, and reassembly of the vacuum pump for the purpose of a tip seal replacement. 

    Before you begin vacuum pump repair

    Before you begin working on your vacuum pump, always remember to disconnect it from the power source and to wait until it has cooled in temperature. This usually takes around 1 hour. 

    Tools needed for this service:

    1. Pliers
    2. Flat screwdriver
    3.  T20-25 screwdriver
    4.  Plast tip seal removal tool
    5.  Allen key set

    Are you in need of any vacuum pump spares or kits?

    You can find everything you need for your vacuum pump on our webshop:

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