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T-Station 300 Pumping Stations

T-Station 300 XDD1 dry diaphragm pumping station

Extending performance

A further extension to our comprehensive range of popular turbomolecular pumping stations.

The T- Station 300 builds on the experience of our established T- Station 85. It offers higher pumping speeds in the same compact format.

By replacing the nEXT85 turbomolecular pump with the nEXT300 pump we have extended the pumping speed range to offer a performance of 300 ls-1.

Why selecting the T-station 300?

  • Higher pumping speed: up to 300 ls-1
  • End user serviceable to reduce your cost of ownership
  • Cost Effective, compact and modular pumping package
  • Plug & Pump solution: Simple user-friendly with no systemisation or additional air cooling required, supplied fully assembled and ready to go for quick and easy operation.
  • Robust construction: Designed to be compact with a low profile, the all metal frame is able to withstand abuse without cracking or breaking and the base plate comes with rubber feet for extra stability.
T-Station 300 Turbomolecular Pumping Station - Datasheet


821.3 kB

Turbomolecular Pumping Stations Range Brochure


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