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nEXT Turbomolecular Pumps: Increased Pumping Speeds & Performance Enhancements

2 April, 2020

Edwards launch two new variants to the nEXT turbomolecular pump range, the nEXT730 and nEXT930, bringing 730 l/s and 925 l/s pumping speeds for Nitrogen to the nEXT range.

nEXT 730 model

nEXT 730

Since initial launch in 2012, nEXT has been proven in many applications with end users and OEMs for pumping speeds across the 85 l/s to 400 l/s range, and shown Edwards to be the reliable partner for mechanical turbomolecular pumps.

The introduction of the larger nEXT730 and nEXT930 variants will extend the benefits of the range into new applications, including specialty coating, and other sectors such as heat treatment, furnaces, electron beam welding, ion implantation, degassing and cylinder evacuation. These applications are further supported by the fact that the pumps are IP54 rated as standard. The new nEXT730 and nEXT930 are fully compatible with Edwards TIC and TAG controllers and feature the same control and monitoring capability and interface as the existing nEXT range. They are also fully compatible with Edwards Support PC software for monitoring, configuration and control options, making systemisation into any new or existing vacuum system easy.

With over 80,000 nEXT pumps in the field, we have built on this successful platform to design a larger turbomolecular pump which brings many new opportunities to our customers. nEXT has always delivered class leading pumping speeds, with outstanding compression ratios, and with these new larger pumps more customers can take advantage of nEXT in more applications. And with low ultimate pressure and high reliability customers are assured a consistent and stable vacuum for years to come.

John Wood , Global Product Manager, Scientific Vacuum, Edwards

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