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dry vacuum pump

Edwards launch three new models of the compact dry vacuum pump with the highest pumping density on the market

nXR30, 40 and 120i High Performance Compact Dry Pump

nXR30, 40 and 120i High Performance Compact Dry Pump

BURGESS HILL, WEST SUSSEX, UK (May 20, 2021) Edwards launch three new models of the nXRi high performance compact dry pump, the perfect vacuum solution across a spectrum of applications due to its compact size and low power, reliable performance and reduced costs. These new models extend the range and will provide pumping speeds from 30 to 120 m³h¯¹ , six times more pumping speed than a similar sized dry pump.

Designed with size in mind, the compact footprint and height allow the Edwards nXRi dry pump to fit easily under a benchtop saving valuable space in the laboratory; and at under 30kg offers a highly mobile vacuum pump for changing work flows and environments. The pump is maintenance free for up to five years, with no tip-seal or oil change, for maximum uptime and reduced maintenance costs.

Compared to alternative dry pumps, the nXRi provides a 40% smaller footprint, assures seamless integration into analytical instruments and vacuum systems for a ready to go vacuum solution, perfect for mass spectrometry, electron microscopy and leak detection.   R&D and industrial customers will enjoy the design flexibility, oil-free and low maintenance features.   


‘Performance is at the core of our new nXRi dry pump’, commented Dave Goodwin, Product Manager, Scientific Vacuum, Edwards. ‘nXRi now delivers up to six times more pumping speed than similar sized dry pumps, and with low ultimate pressure and high reliability customers are assured a consistent and stable vacuum for years to come.’

Further information about Edwards can be found at www.edwardsvacuum/com/nxri