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nXLi Dry Multistage Roots Pumps

Time to make the intelligent choice

nxl110i and nxl200i

nXLi air cooled single phase dry pump

Edwards air cooled nXLi dry pump range, designed to deliver a consistent performance worldwide with: complete user flexibility in mind.

Innovate your world with nXLi

nXL110i and nXL200i air cooled single phase dry pumps

This single phase pump is available in two options: nXL110i and nXL200i. Both are optimised for LCMS and ICPMS duties and are capable of handling gas loads of up to 25 slm. nXLi can also be used on chambers up to 100 litres, at continuous inlet pressures up to 15 mbar with occasional pump down.

nXL110i and nXL200i

Edwards range of nXLi single phase dry pumps

The nXLi vacuum pumps are the latest additions to Edwards’ intelligent range. These air cooled, single phase dry pumps offer enhanced performance and reliability, making them well suited for many high end mass spectrometry applications. Here Dave Goodwin, Product Manager Edwards, gives you an introduction to this great dry vacuum pump.

Key Features

Air cooled single phase dry pump

Offering two pumping speed options of either 110 m3h-1 or 200 m3h-1 in the pressure range of 1 to 10 mbar.

Intelligent drive transient overload protection

Enables the system to achieve the enhanced performance plateau from single phase power supply, whilst looking after the pump during initial pump down.

Flexibility of control

Manual control, simple remote control and serial communications (RS485 with Modbus command set) with proven track record of performance control as standard allow more control options for the system builder.

Compact and quiet

Small footprint and quiet operation for an improved work environment and better use of lab space.

Oil free non contacting pump mechanism

No oil to dispose of and maintenance free ensures extended operation and maximum up time.

Proven reliability

Based on Edwards iXL range of semiconductor dry pumps technology for peace of mind with a proven track record of performance.

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