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TIC PC Program

The latest version of the TIC PC program can be upgraded from this web site, by following the procedure below:

  1. To start the transfer press the download button, the transfer of the latest TIC PC program will start.
  2. When prompted, select 'save' and choose an appropriate folder for the file named 'setup_ddmmyy.exe'.
  3. When the transfer is complete run the program called setup_ddmmyy.exe, and follow the instructions on the screen.

A zip file is used for download as many firewalls block an exe.

PC Software D39700604 Description of Change
File Size 6138k

Add support for nEXT-P2 turbo pump range.

Remove references to DX pump for messages shared with nEXT.

Add new alert for brownout or short on TIC.

Add support for display screen Turbo + 1 gauge.

Add separate default buttons for TIC and Device(pump) in configuration manager.

Add warning if user attempts to flash download a TIC with a DX image or vice versa.

Add reminder to save configurations before a flash download.

Correct open and send of config files where a gauge name is empty.

Correct setup on later TIC versions so that System

On/Off appears in configs and Pump tab.

Correction to make SYSI alarm appear when present.

Correction to tidy gauge tab display when waiting for a new gauge ID to be accepted.

File Name
Version Number 2.0.0
Issue Date 03/09/09