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HR Series Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

For rough vacuum applications in the chemical and allied process industries

2 Stage liquid ring pump

Peak performance at low suction pressures

The HR series, which includes the EHR and SHR models, brings you continuous reliable operation at low pressures. The range is designed to be tolerant of particulates and requires minimal maintenance, making it ideal for use in your power generation, chemical and process applications.

Peak efficiency at high vacuum

The two-stage vacuum pump systems offer capacities of 7,500 m3/h with exceptional performance, particularly useful for handling solvents at high vacuum, with low suction pressures.

Engineered to order

We can help to meet your specific requirements by creating a liquid ring pump solution designed for your precise process application.

ATEX versions available

The HR series is available as part of ATEX category 1 or category 2 pump systems. We can supply pumps that are designed for trouble-free operation in your hazardous environments, without the need for flame arrestors.

You choose what suits you best

Our Liquid Ring Pumps are offered as standard packages in three basic configurations: Once Through; Partial; Total Re-circulation mode. You can choose the configuration that suits your application or discuss the options with our experienced engineers.

Suitable for a wide range of process industries

The HR series is ideal for the Food Processing, Petrochemical, Chemical, Fine Chemical, and Pharmaceutical, Power Generation and offshore drilling and seawater deaeration industries. For more information, please do get in touch with your local applications team who will be happy to help you specify the right solution for your process.

Standard LRP Packages
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