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The leap that made modern music

Hendrix amp

Jimi Hendrix, an iconic rock figure of the 60s, was one of the most renowned and innovative guitarists of his day. His innovation was made possible by the development of the guitar amp.

In fact, the progression of rock music as a whole was enabled by the production of the valve amp and Edwards was involved in producing valves from a very early stage (the 1930s). Valves (or vacuum tubes), were by far the dominant active electronic component in most instrument amplifier applications until the 1970s when solid-state semiconductors (transistors) started taking over.

Jimi Hendrix loved the depth and warmth that transistor-based amps couldn’t deliver. In fact, nothing screams audiophile authority like a valve (or tube) amp, and even today there is a niche of purists who continue to specialise in building them.

It’s nice to know that Edwards contributed to the revolution in music, in our own little way.


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