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Edwards CTI-Cryogenics 320F XVS Cryopump top banner

On-Board® IS 320F XVS Cryopump

The solution for today’s demanding Ion Implant applications

Reach new levels of cryopump performance

Edwards CTI-Cryogenics On-Board IS 320F XVS Cryopump in vertical position

The On-Board® IS 320F XVS cryopump is designed to deliver the highest hydrogen pumping performance for improved process yield and throughput, offering the perfect answer to today’s Ion Implant applications challenges. The intelligent system control integrated in the cryopump ensures better process quality, vacuum consistency, and uptime, while providing real-time system information for optimum control of array temperatures. Vacuum quality is enhanced by automatic adaptation to changing thermal/gas loading conditions.


Features and benefits

  • Reduced H2 Pumping Speed Variation between Regenerations
  • Reduced Impact to H2 Pumping Speed due to Photoresist Contamination
  • Optimized stable array temperatures

  • High H2 Pumping Speed-15,500 L/S
  • High H2 Capacity – 40 STD-L

  • On-Board IS Cryopump systems
  • IS-1000, IS-2000V, IS-1800 XVS Compressors

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