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Safety data sheets

For our consumables products we work closely with our formulators, chemical and regulatory experts, to provide health, safety and environmental information on all our products through our labelling, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for chemicals and substances, and Safety Information Sheets (SIS).

SDS are available in the required format and language for a broad range of legislative requirements. These documents are authored by experts using intelligent software which supports automatic updates in response to regulatory or chemical classification changes.

SIS are occasionally used to supplement safety information provided in the product or service kit manual for customer serviceable parts. Authored by product and operation safety experts, these documents provide additional information on potential hazards, such as skin and respiratory irritation from dust, and any appropriate safety measures to be taken during servicing and on disposal of used product.

Edwards also acts as a Distributor for a limited number of specially selected products and we provide the available manufacturer SDSs for these products.

Note that SDS are required only where there is some risk or potential hazard associated with the storage, use or disposal of the product. Where the SDS is not available we have verified that the manufacturer has no legal duty to provide one. 



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