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High Performance Compact Dry Multistage Roots Pump

Made to perform

nXR60i high performance compact dry vacuum pump

nXRi dry multistage roots pump nXR30, 40, 60, 90 and 120i

These pumps are designed to deliver unrivalled pumping speeds of 30 to 120m³h¹: that is up to six times more pumping speed than a similar sized dry pump, with an ultimate pressure below 0.03mbar.

With lower input power and zero maintenance the nXRi brings real performance improvements and cost benefits across a wide range of applications. 

Compact footprint. Optimise your space!

  • Designed with size in mind, the compact footprint and height allow the Edwards nXRi dry pump to fit easily under a benchtop saving valuable space in your laboratory.
  • With less than 30kg it offers a highly mobile vacuum pump for changing work flows and environments.
  • In addition the nXRi's 40% smaller footprint, compared to alternative dry pumps, assures seamless integration into analytical instruments and vacuum systems for a ready to go vacuum solution.
nXRi full range

Energy efficiency. Reduce your costs!

For lower energy costs and reduced heat load for your vacuum system look no further than the nXRi dry pump. With the highly energy efficient pumping mechanism and smart drive technology the power consumption at low pressure is around only 450 W. 

Zero contamination. Experience the difference!

  • Clean processes and clean results are guaranteed with the nXRi compact dry pump, being totally oil-free and dust-free within the vacuum chamber. 
  • Being free of oil and smells guarantees a more pleasant working environment.
  • The operational noise of the nXRi at ultimate pressure is 55dB(A). The quiet, load-dependent air cooler is beneficial in reducing noise.

Control with Ease

Equipped with a single-phase pump controller covering a wide voltage range of 100-127V/200-240V, 50/60Hz (switchable), the pump achieves consistent performance anywhere in the world.

The pump can be controlled easily with either the control and status monitoring dashboard or remotely via serial and parallel control (RS232 or RS485). The dashboard offers start/stop/standby speed selection and setting, Autorun and an integrated USB port interface allowing for service read out with our free nST2 software. 

The additional M8 accessory connector allows automatic control of valves like our VIV Vacuum Isolation Valve with no need for external power. The VIV Valve is a fast acting, high conductance isolation valve that safely prevents back venting through the primary pump for full power loss protection. 

Your application. Our solution!

nXRi dry pumps deliver a stable vacuum environment across a wide range of applications.

Analytical Instrument OEMs benefit from the ease of integration into most vacuum systems for a ready to go vacuum solution, perfect for mass spectrometry, electron microscopy and leak detection.  

The pump features a manual gas ballast facility which stops the water vapour from condensing within the pump. With this the nXRi is suitable for applications where pumping water vapour is required with a capacity up to 300g/h.

With the low ultimate pressure <0.03mbar this pump is ideal for backing turbomolecular pumps. 

R&D and Industrial customers will enjoy the design flexibility, oil-free and low maintenance features. The nXRi is the dry vacuum pump solution across a spectrum of applications, due to its compact size and low power, reliable performance, and cost reduction.

Maintenance free for up to five years

With no tip-seal or oil change, ensures maximum uptime and reduced maintenance costs. 

LED indicators on the dashboard advise when the pump is ready for a service.

Check out our complete playlist for plenty more information!

nXRi High Performance Compact Dry Vacuum Pump Full Range
nXRi High Performance Compact Dry Vacuum Pump Full Range thumbnail
nXRi High Performance Compact Dry Vacuum Pump Full Range
Edwards nXRi animation thumbnail
Edwards nXRi animation
Edwards nXRi High Performance Compact Dry Vacuum Pump thumbnail
Edwards nXRi High Performance Compact Dry Vacuum Pump
nXR30 40 120i High Performance Compact Dry Vacuum Pump thumbnail
nXR30 40 120i High Performance Compact Dry Vacuum Pump

Read how our nXRi dry vacuum pumps drive innovation at Future Technologies


  • Electron microscopes
  • Gas recovery and recirculation
  • High energy physics
  • Initial pump down and regeneration of cryopumps
  • Mass Spectrometers
  • RGA
  • Freeze drying
  • Plasma cleaning
  • UHV and XHV systems
  • Vacuum ovens
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