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ejgo controller

Introducing the new intelligent Edwards EJGO vacuum pump controller

An all-in-one, easy to access solution

The Edwards EJGO vacuum controller is a one-stop solution with all the necessary pump information and metrics in one place. This includes pump health assessment, vacuum performance, and operating economy, multiple KPI score and insight cards to monitor your vacuum pumps or system. “The EJGO controller provides an all-in-one solution with a focus on user experience and user empowerment”, commented April Yan, Product Manager Edwards. “We wanted our customers to have a first-hand, immediate experience in monitoring, controlling and optimising their vacuum pumps and installations.”

The EJGO vacuum controller is the controller of tomorrow, functioning as an all-in-one control center for vacuum pumps and installations. It offers various connectivity options and integrates with your existing vacuum installation seamlessly ensuring improved vacuum performance and greater functionality for customers to make the most of their vacuum investments. 

Easy to understand insights

The EJGO vacuum controller is designed to be user-friendly. Users can easily pull up relevant data on a touch HMI or a web browser on their laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. Users can configure data and parameters that are relevant to their process and monitor their pump`s performance for optimal production on the go. Explaining the pumps insights and metrics available to Edwards’ customers, April Yan elaborated, “EJGO is able to generate trends maps, enabling our customers to compare multiple metrics across pump cycles and at various times. For instance, they can generate a trend map for their pump’s motor speed, power consumption, outlet temperature and much more.” The user can configure their insight cards and home screen to generate recommendations to take actions to extend the life of their vacuum pump, reduce current energy consumption, improve their carbon footprint, and extend their maintenance intervals.

EJGO MC multi-pump controller - The central view of everything

EJGO MC offers advanced central control over multiple vacuum pumps and process for optimised vacuum system management. “The EJGO MC ensures that multiple vacuum components from a customer’s installation are integrated into one system.”, commented April Yan.

Available in standard and premium options, the EJGO MC Controller can control up to 20 vacuum pumps and provide the best combination that ensures optimum power consumption. The EJGO MC is available with an onboard controlled 10” HMI screen and a web browser supported model without an onboard screen. 

A whole range of connectivity options

EJGO and EJGO MC support a wide range of connectivity options to a customer’s vacuum installation. Users can use their smartphones, tablets, laptops, or PC to access EJGO and EJGO MC’s revolutionary vacuum pump control features. They can also gain access via the onboard HMI interface, or a local device connected to the machine using wired or Wi-Fi based connections. Elaborating on the range of connectivity options April Yan further explained, “Customers can choose to fully connect to the cloud or to their local network. They can even choose to operate it as a standalone unit with no network connections whatsoever. Connecting to the cloud offers benefits like automatic software updates for each new release and remote support from the Edwards service team.”

EJGO and EJGO MC support a wide range of fieldbus communication and network protocols, such as Ethernet/IP, EtherCat, Profinet, Modbus TCP, Modbus-RTU, Profibus and OPC UA. This allows for pump and central vacuum integration into a variety of industry control systems.

Security to safeguard the customer’s vacuum system

EJGO and EJGO MC automatically update to the latest cyber security protocols so that our customer’s network is secure when connected to internet of things. Ellipse Curve Cryptography protocols are used for a higher security standard and enhanced security as compared to other encryption methods. The encryption key is kept on a TPM chip housed in the controller. Any physical tampering with that chip makes it unresponsive and prevents further access.

The robust and effective security management mechanism that includes a secure booth operating system, encrypted software, tiered identity management, partitioned memory, IP table among other cyber-secure features to safeguard the vacuum system from unwanted access.

EJGO and EJGO MC is the true next step in vacuum control, allowing for Edwards’ vacuum pumps to integrate and connect based on your need and the demands of the industrial application process.