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EJGO MC–Central Controller for Vacuum Pumps


The central view of everything

An advanced central controller for a range of large industrial control systems for controlling processes or machines. 

EJGO MC is Edwards’ revolutionary multi-pump controller enabling the industry with Internet of Things.
EJGO MC central controller gives an integrated control solution for optimised vacuum system management. 

The EJGO MC controller is available with two hardware options that allow you to access the pump either via web access support or with 10” touch HMI - Onboard control. 

The central view of everything

Software options, tailored to your application

Standard version

  • Up to 8 variable Speed Drive (VSD) or Fixed Speed (FS) pumps
  • ~10% energy saving vs traditional sequencer!

Premium version

  • Up to 20 Variable Speed Drive (VSD) or Fixed Speed (FS) pumps
  • Innovative algorithm to maximize energy saving, ~20% saving vs traditional sequencer

Intelligent central, ready for the future

Ease of use with intelligent scheduling

  • Simple commissioning and support onboard touch panel or web access 
  • Schedule multi-tasks of the centralised installation

Powerful Central control

  • Maintain a stable central inlet pressure setpoint
  • Energy optimisation with new innovative algorithm
  • Equal wear control to ensure similar service life of each pump

Value-added options available

  • Dual network control offers two pressure levels control, including valves control
  • CVS visualisations view all of the central system on the 10” HMI or any connected device

Secured connectivity
Using high security encryption, connect the vacuum system to Cloud or local network with peace of mind. 

  • Remote control
  • Email alerts notification
  • Automatic software updates
  • Online service

Communication protocols
Supports a wide range of fieldbus communication protocols, such as Ethernet/IP, EtherCat, Profinet, Modbus, Profibus and OPC UA. This allows for central vacuum system integration into a variety of industry control systems.

  Fully connected Local network connected Stand alone
Local access/control
By Front panel, HMI or local connected device
Remote access/control via LAN/WiFi
By any devices in the network or global access with VPN
Integration & fieldbus communication
Automatic online software update*

Remote service*
Email notification
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