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EJGO controllers - Intelligent vacuum pump controllers

An EJGO controller is the brain and control center of your vacuum pump. The EJGO range is our newest generation of vacuum pump controllers, offering advanced connectivity with uncompromised security and a user-friendly interface. A controller like EJGO manages and regulates the operation of your Edwards vacuum pumps and systems. Fully ready for Industry 4.0, EJGO and EJGO MC take connectivity to the next level.

The EJGO is our intelligent controller for single vacuum pumps, the EJGO MC is a central controller for multi-pump systems. Both offer advanced connectivity, remote control and help you to optimise your pump’s or system’s performance. The EJGO MC allows you to orchestrate the operation of your multi-pump set-up, allowing you to plan your vacuum supply and even save energy.

Why would I need a vacuum control system?

From the front panel controls to the deeper diagnostics, we make sure your EJGO is intuitive. You can:

  • watch your pump’s health real time and over time
  • schedule your pump
  • get full reports on all possible parameters.

EJGO also tells you about the pump’s health with notifications and alarms, either directly on the mounted panel, through web or email. Configure software updates to happen either automatically or manually and when a software updates is ongoing, your pump can continue operating.

You can always rely on us for remote service support, through online diagnostics and debugging. 

Keep an eye on your vacuum pumps, wherever you are. Our EJGO controllers are ready for the “Internet of Things”, fully connecting to Edwards or your own security cloud service.

The benefits of connected devices range from remote access to the pump through computer or even smartphone, the possibility for remote support by Edwards service to automatic software updates as soon as they are released.

The EJGO and EJGO MC controllers can be connected through ethernet cable, WiFi bolt and GENIUS box. All our controllers support a wide range of fieldbus communication and network protocols, allowing you to integrate your pump or vacuum system into a variety of industry control systems.

Cyber security is on the top of our priority list and it’s probably also high on yours. We’ll protect your vacuum system through our EJGO and EJGO MC controllers and would never allow it to become an entry point for attacks on your networks.

These are the protective measure we have in place:

  • Encryption of both hardware and software 
  • Identity management for each pump and user 
  • Fully protected against external access
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