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Ensuring safety and sustainability: Vacuum technology in the food industry

Food manufacturers are always trying to deliver tasty, nutritious, affordable, and sustainable products. Sustainability is integral to the entire food value chain. Vacuum plays a significant role in the transformation of raw agricultural products into consumable food products via different physical and chemical processes. It also contributes to the sustainability target by shortening processing times, saving energy, improving shelf life, quality and safety, while lowering transportation and storage costs too. 

Better vacuum solutions, better quality food

Edible oils and fats are naturally present in many foods, such as fruits, nuts, seeds, dairy products, meat, poultry, fish etc. Crude oil extracted from these food sources requires further refining to final consumer products, by removing objectionable impurities to the desired levels in the most efficient manner. No matter via chemical refining or physical refining, vacuum is essential to guarantee the quality of refined oils, for instance degumming, neutralisation, bleaching, deration, deodorisation, hydrogenation, esterification and interesterification.

When vacuum technology is utilised for food processing, the specific applications and techniques employed can vary depending on the type of food being processed. Edwards vacuum pumps are used in various stages of process with renowned food manufacturers, including degassing, tumbling, drying, freeze drying, evaporation, cooking, rapid cooling conveying, filling, and packaging.

Edible oils

Why choose Edwards vacuum solutions?

Edwards has the complete product portfolio and thrives to provide you the reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable vacuum solutions to minimise energy consumption, reduce waste and maximise pump performance and running time. Our vacuum solutions ensure a cleaner vacuum, guaranteeing purity and enhancing your food manufacturing operations.

  • Low power consumption
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Long lifetime of pumps
  • Fast pump down
  • Reliable operation
Dried fruits using vacuum

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