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GV Series Dry Vacuum Pumps

Clean, robust, low cost alternative to traditional oil sealed pumps


Ease of installation and operation with the Edwards dry advantage

Packaged into two products, the GV80 and GV110, the GV Series dry pumps are designed to handle large volumes of condensable vapours and particulate loads for a consistent pumping performance you can rely on, with minimal service intervention and a low cost of ownership.   

Industry proven, tried and tested

The GV series include GV80, GV110 and the Drystar® GV80 pre-configured package. They are specifically designed for your demanding industrial applications offering consistent and repeatable performance. Its ability to operate continuously at high-pressure levels makes it the most cost-effective introduction to dry pumping.

GV80 – Robust and Reliable

The GV80 vacuum pump is capable of continuous operation with the ability to handle large volumes of condensable vapours. With clean, quiet pumping and minimal service disruption, the GV80 provides consistent output and repeatable pumping performance.

GV80 dry vacuum pump

GV110 – The latest industrial dry claw pump

The GV110 vacuum pump includes all the features of the GV80 and offers additional features including an integrated variable speed drive, modern acoustic enclosure and improved pumping performance. 

GV110 dry vacuum pump

Drystar® GV80 and EH500 booster configured packages

It’s easy for you to get started with a range of packages and pumping systems designed for a wide range of applications and environments. The GV80 is available as a stand-alone unit or can be combined with an EH500 hydrokinetic drive mechanical booster for increased pumping speed.

Drystar-GV80 dry vacuum pump

Friendly to the environment

The GV Series’ clean pumping is exactly that. Clean. You will have no contaminated waste oil to dispose or reclaim. It also eliminates the need for frequent oil changes or waste oil disposal, lessening your environmental impact.

Suited for harsh and demanding applications

Suited as a backing pump for high-vacuum applications or for use in the drying, coating and metallurgy industries, GV series can support your harsh and demanding applications. If in doubt, our application experts will be happy to help you specify the right pump for your precise process requirements.

  • Backing pump for high vacuum applications
  • Flat panel display
  • Gas cylinder evacuation
  • Heat treatment
  • Pharmaceutical freeze drying
  • Research and development
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning
  • System evacuation
  • Drying, and backfilling
  • Surface treatment
  • Thin film coating technologies
  • Vacuum drying and distillation
  • Vacuum metallurgy processes
    Unit GV100 GV80 Drystar® GV80/EH500
Peak pumping speed 50 Hz m3/hr (cfm) 110 (64.7) 80 (47) 390 (230)
Peak pumping speed 60 Hz m3/hr (cfm) - 94 (56) 471 (277)
Ultimate pressure   mbar (Torr) 6 x 10-3 (4.5 x 10-3) <3 x 10-2 (<2 x 10-2) <3 x 10-2 (<2 x 10-2)
Full load power @ ultimate pressure Kw (hp) 2.6 kW (3.5) 3.6 (4.8) 4.3 (5.6)
@ peak pumping load Kw (hp) 4.5 kW (4.7) 5.8 (7.8) 6.7 (9.0)
Electrical Supply options EU-US-CN 50/60Hz, 400V/50Hz - 460V/60Hz - 380V/50Hz
ASIA 50/60 Hz 200V/50Hz, 200V/60Hz, 380V/60Hz
Note: See part number for specific voltage offerings.
Vacuum couplings Inlet   ISO40 ISO40 ISO100
Exhaust   NW40
Cooling     Water Water Water/Air
Cooling water Flow l/min (gal/min) 5 (1.32) 8 (2.1)
Supply pressure (MAX) bar.a (psig) 8 (116)
DP across pump (MIN) bar.a (psig) 2.1 (30)
Temperature °C (°F) 5 - 35 (41-95)
Connection In 1/2" Quick connect coupling (mating half provided)
  Out 1/2" Quick connect plug (mating half provided)
Purge gas (N2 or CDA) Pressure bar.a (psig) 0.5 (6-8) 
Light duty sl/min 15 (typically)
Connection   1/4" Quick connect coupling (mating half provided)
Dimensions L x W x H mm (in) 1060 x 502 x 316 (42 x 20 x 12.5) 860 x 607 x 344
(33.8 x 23.9 x 13.5)
932 x 607 x 624
(36.7 x 23.9 x 24.6)
Footprint m2 (ft2) 0.532  (5.73) 0.43 (4.63)
Weight   Kg (lbs) 210 kg (463) 165 (364) 240 (529)
Noise level with exhaust silencer   dB(A) <75 <78
Exhaust Back Pressure (MAX)   bar.a (psig) 1.3 (0.4)
Lubrication Volume l (gal) 0.4 (0.1) 0.4 (0.1) 1.4 (0.4)
Type Hydrocarbon SHC 629 SHC 629 SHC 629/Ultragrade 20
PFPE - YVAC 25/6 YVAC 25/6 / YVAC 16/6
Pump Electrical motor rating   kW/HP 4/4.5 4/4.5 -
Typical pump rotation speed - 50Hz electrical supply   rev.min-1 4100 3000 -
Typical pump rotation speed - 60Hz electrical supply   rev.min-1 4100 3600 -
Protection grade   IP 42 55 -
Warm-up time to pump operating temperature    min 15 15 -
Ambient operating temperature range   °C (°F) 0 to 40 (32 to 104) 0 to 40 (32 to 104) -
Maximum ambient operating humidity   RH 80% 100% -

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