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Safety for Non-Safety People

Welcome to the forefront of semiconductor safety and efficiency

At Edwards Vacuum, we're dedicated to revolutionise safety awareness in the semiconductor industry.  Semiconductors have evolved from humble beginnings to processors housing billions of transistors, driving technological advancement worldwide. Yet, with progress comes responsibility—handling corrosive, toxic, and flammable materials demands the utmost caution. Facilities managers, your choice of supplier is critical. With Edwards, the world leader in subfab risk mitigation, your tools run efficiently and safely, safeguarding both personnel and equipment.

Meet Steve Cottle, our Senior Applications Manager, who spearheads our efforts in understanding and mitigating risks associated with semiconductor processes.


Join us in navigating the fast-paced semiconductor landscape.

We prioritise cost-effectiveness without compromising safety, by choosing Edwards, you're investing in a partner who ensures increased uptime while meeting your financial goals.

Edwards Vacuum—where safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness converge to meet your every need.

Selective focus of miniature engineer meeting, worker fixed problem and repair chip mainboard computer and use for business background.

To read more on this subject, download Steve Cottle’s article ‘SAFETY FOR EHS PROFESSIONALS: Managing hazardous materials for peace of mind in the SubFab', below.


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