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Driving the SubFab of the future prototype Percheron

Edwards’ prototype SubFab robot, Project Percheron (or ESV-X) was recently awarded the prestigious ‘Best of West Award’ at the 2020 Virtual SEMICON West. The ESV-X loads equipment without the need for human intervention and autonomously delivers it to work locations within a semiconductor factory.

Featuring state-of-the-art autonomous motion technology, the ESV-X uses mapping and localisation to navigate semiconductor environments. Omni-directional movement and real-time rerouting allow the ESV-X to maneuver through dynamic and confined environments in ways never before possible with automated materials handlers.

What’s more, onboard safety systems keep nearby chip manufacturing staff at a safe distance without interfering in their work. This minimizes scheduled and unplanned downtime and the need for other transportation equipment while increasing customer safety. The ESV-X also frees technicians to focus on more strategic work.

Project Percheron

Project Percheron/
Project Percheron award plaque

Learn more about the Project Percheron in our news article:


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