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EDO 065-100 scroll pump maintenance

How to maintain your EDO 65-100 scroll vacuum pumps

EDO dry scroll industrial pumps work for all rough and medium vacuum applications. The pumps have excellent serviceability, and you are encouraged to service your pump yourself with our original spare parts kits. 

As the latest innovation in dry pump technology, the industrial pump EDO is ideal for such applications as PCB manufacturing, electronics testing and vacuum degassing. Reliable, clean, modular, and energy-efficient, EDO dry scroll industrial pumps work for all rough and medium vacuum applications and extended service intervals (up to 8,000 hours or 2 years) mean few interruptions. While we offer a wide range of service requirements to meet your needs, EDO has excellent serviceability, and you are encouraged to service your pump yourself with our original spare parts kits.

You will need the below spare parts and kit to complete the maintenance procedure. 

Spare / Kit Item Number
EDO - field service 1* A50871720
Bearing re-grease kit* 2236232060

You can also download the instruction manuals below - 


Watch the video and read the steps listed below to know how you can service your EDO 65-100 scroll vacuum pumps.




Step 1: Disassemble inlet valve and gas ballast

  • Unscrew the bolts
  • Disassemble the inlet valve assembly
  • Beware that the spring might cause harm once released
  • Disassemble the gas ballast

Step 2: Disassemble front cover

  • Remove blanking plugs and O-ring from the front plate

Step 3: Disassemble inlet filter and cover plate 

  • Remove the filter support and the inlet filter
  • Remove cover and O-ring from the OS groove

Step 4: Disassemble balance weight 

  • Remove the bolt and washer
  • Remove the balance weight

Step 5: Remove anti-rotation assembly

  • Remove the anti-clash ring and bolts
  • Remove orbit scroll anti rotation assembly

Step 6: Remove OS and replace tip seal 

  • Replace tip seal every 2 years (minor service) and orbit scroll every 4 years (major service)
  • Start from the short end of the tip seal
  • Clean the bur at the starting tip of the tip seal
  • Start from the end that is near to the centre
  • Cut the extra tip seal 5 cm before the end
  • Fit another tip seal

Step 7: Replace FS tip seal

  • Follow similar procedure as OS tip seal replacement to replace the FS tip seal

Step 8: Assemble OS and anti-rotation

  • Torque setting: 8 Nm
  • Assemble the anti clash ring
  • Check orientation such that the inscription front must be facing towards you
  • Torque setting: 8 Nm
  • Torque setting: 4 Nm

Step 9: Assemble balance weight

  • Align the slot and shaft key
  • Torque setting: 30 Nm

Step 10: Assemble and regrease cover plate

  • Torque setting: 4 Nm
  • Insert the adapter and use a syringe to push the new grease inside.
  • Regrease is needed only during minor service.
  • Torque setting: 4 Nm

Step 11: Assemble inlet filter

  • Insert the filter support and the inlet filter
  • Direction of the arrows on the filter must correspond to the air flow of pump (towards the centre of the scroll)

Step 12: Assemble cover plate

  • Assemble the blanking plugs.
  • Torque setting: 8 Nm
  • Add the O-ring to the front cover groove
  • Torque setting: 8 Nm

Step 13: Assemble inlet valve and gas ballast

  • Assemble the gas ballast
  • Assemble the inlet valve assembly
  • Tighten the screws in the right order
  • Torque setting: 8 Nm

When you operate the pump after a tip seal change, make sure that the cooling fan rotates in the correct direction. If not refer to EDO Scroll pump manual and check the direction of pump rotation.

  • The pump tip seals may take a few hours to bed-in before full performance is restored.

Before and during the process

Maintenance process

For safe and effective operations from the start, pay attention to the following points. For complete details refer to the EDO scroll pump instruction manual at the end of this page.

  1. To limit the compression at higher inlet pressures by the pump, there are two blow off valves in between the stages.
  2. The pump is not suitable for hazardous gases. The pump must only be used for non-hazardous applications.
  3. Connect the electrical supply to the pump through a suitable circuit breaker with appropriate fuses.
  4. It is mandatory for the pump to be connected to a suitable factory/plant Earth and a secondary earth grounding.
  5. Leak test the system after installation.
  6. Make sure the direction of rotation of the pump is correct before operating the pump.
  7. Purge the pump before you shut it down.
  8. The bearings need to be re-lubricated after specific periods.
  9. Dispose of the pump safely.