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Acoustic Enclosures

The ideal noise reduction solution for your vacuum pump


Noise reduction for labs and industrial areas

Edwards’ acoustic enclosures provide soundproofing for your pump operations in laboratories or sensitive industrial work environments. High noise absorption materials reduce pump noise by up to 9 dB (A), without adversely affecting your vacuum pump efficiency.

Compatible with multiple pumps

Fully compatible with all RV and E2M18/28 rotary vane pumps and the complete range of nXDS and XDS dry scroll pumps, our acoustic enclosures can be used throughout your facility to keep operational noise to a minimum.

Significant noise reduction

The top-shelf noise absorption materials ensure noise reduction of the E2M28 by 7 dB (A) and the XDS35i by 9 dB (A) – a significant improvement for sensitive working areas.

Easy to assemble

Our acoustic enclosures are easily assembled or disassembled without complex tooling. A removable front panel enables quick visible access to the oil sight glass. For the RV and EM models, a side panel can be quickly removed for access to the oil filter cap.

Ventilation for safe operation

Two integrated air-cooling fans provide ventilation to maintain your optimum pump running temperature. The enclosure is also supplied with an over-temperature buzzer alarm that comes with battery back-up for added security.

You can call on our expert applications engineering to help you optimise:

  • Process design
  • Equipment selection
  • Integration into your plant control philosophy
  • Safety considerations
  • Advice at start-up, commissioning and training

Our experienced chemical applications team are here to provide expert advice on the correct pumping system for your process, anywhere in the world.



23 kg


37 kg
Electrical supply for cooling fans


100-120 V/200-240V

Fuse rating

5 A Type T 20 mm


IEC320 socket
Approximate noise reduction


7 dB(A)


7 dB(A)


9 dB(A)


8 dB(A)


5 dB(A)
Dimension RV/EM nXDS/XDS
A 790 (31.10) 778 (30.63)
B 285 (11.22) 442 (17.40)
C 460 (18.11) 580 (22.83)
Acoustic Enclosures for Reduced Vacuum Noise - Datasheet


553.4 kB

Vacuum Measurement and Control Brochure


3.1 MB

Edwards employee working on the computer at the office in Dresden, Germany

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