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Edwards community in Asia-Pacific

In Asia-Pacific

In Taiwan, employees are encouraged to cycle to work in a team every Friday – bringing environmental, financial and health benefits. This proved so popular they now organise an annual cycling tour around Taiwan, almost 1000km.

In addition, Edwards Taiwan sent 4 volunteers to support the High Tech U Program Logic Gate and Human Calculator activity. It was an opportunity to engage with young talents from the National Experimental High School, and to raise awareness through a non-formal learning way.

Every year at Korea Vacuum Society, Edwards presents the Young Vacuum Scientist Award to encourage young talent from university and graduate programs. This award is an accolade of excellency in research to promote the development of vacuum.

Since 2017, the High Tech U SEMI Korea program has been focused on promoting women in science and engineering industries. Young female students through middle and high school participate in activities starting from hands-on science experiments to learning successful interview skills. We continually reach out to HTU-Korea alums to support reunions in joint efforts with the SEMI Korea foundation.

We also have industry-university collaboration agreements with 10 local universities and take part in campus recruitment activities.

In China, the Edwards team took part in “E.G.G.Walkathon” a charity project where participants walk at least 10km for one day to donate eggs to provide breakfast for underprivileged children. Edwards China has also arranged donations of books for children.

In Japan, every year volunteers take part in a charity run and the company donates for every mile run.
Last year, as part of the Safety Week event Edwards Japan chose the charity Japan Committee of Vaccines for the World’s Children, and raised money to help 4,000 children receive the polio vaccine.

As part of our education outreach, we donate to the KAGURA project. KAGURA observatory is a prestigious educational and research facility where Nobel Prize candidates are among the workers.

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