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CXS Chemical Dry Vacuum Pumps

Cutting edge chemical pump for improved performance

Advanced tapered-screw technology for exceptional performance and energy efficiency

Innovative screw technology for optimized pumping

The CXS tapered-screw technology brings you improved thermal stability and optimised pumping at all inlet pressures. An added benefit is a corrosion-free operation and robust liquid and solids handling for your harsher chemical processes.

ATEX Certification/Explosion Proof Certified

The CXS is ATEX certified, with constructional safety and containment for pumping gases from groups IIB/IIB3. Explosion tested and certified by independent authorities, this is a pump you can rely on in even the most challenging environments.

Application-specific modules

A range of Edwards’ pre-engineered modules can help you to meet your specific application needs. One single design includes options for multiple applications available as stand-alone pumps or complete systems, including mechanical boosters for your higher pumping capacities.

Unprecedented control of your pump

You can monitor your pump’s data via its on-board communication controller for instant process improvements. The pump includes special start-up and shutdown modes to free the rotors or avoid cold seizures, if required.

Friendly to the environment

CXS pumps are kinder on the wider-environment and your immediate working area, with no contaminated oil to dispose of and quiet running operations with low vibration.

You can call on our expert applications engineering to help you optimise:

  • Process design
  • Equipment selection
  • Integration into your plant control philosophy
  • Safety considerations
  • Advice at start-up, commissioning and training

Our experienced chemical applications team are here to provide expert advice on the correct pumping system for your process, anywhere in the world.

Specification Units CXS160 CXS250
Maximum pumping speed m³h4 160 250
ft³min4 95 148
Capacity at 10 mbar (7.5 Torr) m³h4 132 230
ft³min4 78 135
Ultimate vacuum mbar <0.02 <0.015
Torr <0.015 <0.011
Maximum back pressure - standard mbar 1,200 1,200
psig 2.7 2.7
Power consumption at 10 mbar (7.5 Torr) kW 3.6 3.8
hp 4.8 5.1
Standard motor (380 - 460 ± 10%, 3 ph, 50/60 Hz) kW 7.5 7.5
hp 10 10
Cooling water flow rate (adjustable)  l min4 4 - 10 4 - 10
gal min4 1.1 - 2.6 1.1 - 2.6
Cooling water temperature °C 5 - 35 5 - 35
°F 41 - 95 41 - 95
Maximum cooling water supply pressure barg 6.9 6.9
psig 100 100
Cooling water supply differential pressure  bar 0.6 - 1.7 0.6 - 1.7
psi 9 - 24 9 - 24
Seal purge flow (maximum) std l min4 12 12
std ft³ min4 0.424 0.424
Seal purge supply pressure (minimum - maximum)  barg 2.5 - 6.9 2.5 - 6.9
psig 36 - 100 36 - 100
Noise (maximum) with silencer dB(A) 64 64
Weight (with frame and standard motor) kg 470 470
lbs 1034 1034
Process connection, inlet ANSI/DIN 3"/DN80 3"/DN80
Process connection, outlet ANSI/DIN 2"/DN50 2"/DN50

Relevant products and services

Relevant products and services

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